4-Year-Old Hits Hole in One at Par-3 West Virginia Golf Course

4-Year-Old Hits Hole in One at Par-3 West Virginia Golf Course

Meet Rocco — a 4-year-old budding golfer who can really drive it and even sink a ball in one shot. Take notice, all you Green Jackets … this little guy is on the come-up.

Rocco’s dad, Mario Figaretti, recorded his boy hitting a hole in one on a par-3 course in Wheeling, West Virginia. That type of course is super kid-friendly … each hole is basically designed to be a 3-hit deal. One to get it on the green, and a couple puts afterward.

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Welp, this little tyke didn’t even need those additional strokes … he hit it off the tee and watched it sail to down below, where it eventually landed and rolled right into the flag and sank. His pops took notice of the amazing trick shot before Rocco did with an awesome freak-out.

Just to confirm he had in fact gotten a hole in one, Rocco ran down to the green himself to confirm … and sure enough, he pulled it out and showed to the camera from afar.

Of the wild moment, Mario writes … “HOLE IN ONE!!!! Hole #1 at Oglebay’s Par three course. Rocco = 4yrs old.” Mario adds, “He practices all the time In the yard. To say I’m proud would be an understatement!”

Keep at it, Rocco … you could be the next Tiger Woods at this rate!