Amy Lefevre L.A. Bikini Shots … Hollywood Heat Wave!

Amy Lefevre L.A. Bikini Shots … Hollywood Heat Wave!

This week’s Summer Hot Shots is coming to you from the sun-soaked shores of Santa Monica where the blazing hot model, Amy Lefevre, was raising the triple-digit temps of the Los Angeles heat wave with a white-hot bikini and picture-perfect curves during a sunset dip.

When Amy Lefevre isn’t causing heatstrokes along the west coast, she can be spotted hopping around homes in Austin, Texas and New York City and melting the runways of fashion shows around the world.

Proceed with caution … these photos are a scorcher!

This year’s Summer Hot Shots are coming to you a little differently … we have teamed up with smoke shows from around the world to create some eye-popping photo galleries with a DIY flare (social distancing, duh!) for you to enjoy.

Be sure to check back each Sunday to see who’s heating up that weekend!