AOC Offers Other Ways to Help Postal Service Besides Volunteering

AOC Offers Other Ways to Help Postal Service Besides Volunteering

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is back in town to help save the Postal Service from being gutted — and she’s got a word of advice for those who wanna help, including Cher.

We got AOC Saturday on Capitol Hill, where she and other House Dems convened a rare session to pass a $25B emergency relief bill to keep the tattered USPS intact through November … this after alleged attempts at dismantling under the Trump administration.

She tells us what her party wants to see with the money they hope to get passed — and it goes beyond just stopping any more drastic changes than what has reportedly taken place … aka, removing mail boxes and sorting machines, cutting overtime for employees etc.

AOC says this bill seeks to bring all of those things BACK to handle the influx of mail-in ballots and other Postal Service products people usually expect to be up and running … especially ahead of a crucial presidential election. Time will tell if it passes the Senate.

Now, as for what people can do on the ground to help the cause — like Cher recently expressed interest in doing — Rep. Ocasio-Cortez keeps it real … but practical too.

Volunteering probably ain’t it when it comes to assistance, but there’s something else she says we all can afford our mailmen and small business alike. Hint … it’s a virtue 😉