Australian Cop Gets Flung in the Air During Stolen Car Getaway

Australian Cop Gets Flung in the Air During Stolen Car Getaway

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One Australian cop can now say he does his own stunts — because that’s exactly what it looked like as he went flying through the air trying to stop a guy who allegedly jacked a car.

A Victoria police officer got roped into an action movie scene late last week in Melbourne, while attempting to detain a man who cops say was making an escape in a stolen car — allegedly, because he was breaking the country’s stage four lockdown restrictions.

The man didn’t wanna talk though, and according to authorities … hopped into this whip and tried driving off. This one cop wasn’t about to let him off easy, as he tried yanking the dude out through the driver side, but things went left when they started going in reverse.

Because of his position on the door, the officer was flung back when the car hit another one behind it on impact. His body was thrown at least 10 feet or so, and he hits a parked car incredibly hard before springing back up and continuing to give chase to the getaway driver.

We gotta say, the cop here is pretty tough all things considered. He’s said to have only suffered minor injuries from the scary encounter. As for the suspect, he was reportedly apprehended and booked on several charges. Also … they say he contracted COVID-19.