Breonna Taylor Killing, At Least One Cop Wore a Body Cam

Breonna Taylor Killing, At Least One Cop Wore a Body Cam

A potentially big development in the Breonna Taylor killing … at least one of the cops who raided her home appears to have been wearing a body cam, raising questions about the police department’s earlier statements that there was no body cam video of the shooting.

Officer Tony James is seen in this photo clearly wearing a body cam. The photo was obtained by VICE news, and it contradicts the police chief, who said after the shooting the officers involved are in divisions that don’t require body cams.

What we don’t know … was the camera operational during the shooting? If it was, it could be the critical piece of evidence to determine exactly what happened inside Breonna’s home.

A second officer — Myles Cosgrove — was also photographed with a body cam mount, but a camera was not attached.

Breonna, who was shot multiple times in the raid, and her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, were sleeping on March 13 when cops came to execute a search warrant involving her ex-boyfriend. They used a battering ram to gain entry and Walker fired a warning shot from inside. He says cops never identified themselves … police say they did.

Walker’s shot hit a cop, and officers responded with 35 rounds. One officer blindly fired 10 rounds. When cops wrote up their report they said Breonna was not injured. That was a lie.

As we reported, local prosecutors tried to squeeze a plea deal out of Breonna’s ex-boyfriend, telling him if he would say Breonna was dealing drugs they would cut him a sweet deal — possibly probation instead of 10 years in prison. Cops have no evidence Breonna was involved in drugs and the family says it’s a shocking case of trying to smear Breonna’s name in order to protect the cops who killed her. The ex-boyfriend rejected the deal.

So far, no one has been arrested or charged in Breonna’s death.