Byron Scott Says NBA Players Should Advocate for Black Coaches, Kobe Did for Me!

Byron Scott Says NBA Players Should Advocate for Black Coaches, Kobe Did for Me!

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Byron Scott thinks top NBA players should take a more active role in advocating for Black coaches … just like Kobe Bryant did for him back in the day.

59-year-old Scott says he likes and respects Steve Nash — but couldn’t help but feel disappointed when he saw the Brooklyn Nets hired Nash as head coach over other well-qualified Black candidates.

“My first thought was why didn’t Mark Jackson or some other African-American guys who have coached in this league at least get an opportunity to coach with the Brooklyn Nets?”

Fact is, Scott says … “We don’t get jobs that are that set and that good — where you got 2 stars like Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.”

Scott believes Black coaches usually get opportunities with teams that are in pretty bad shape … unlike Nash and the stacked Nets.

Scott says his opinion is based on his OWN experience — he took over the Hornets when they were only an 18-win team and New Jersey coming off a 20-win season.

“We don’t get those jobs where there is built-in superstardom guys on that roster right away.”

“We get the kind of jobs where you have to make something out of nothing and when you don’t or you’re not able to do it, they’ll say, ‘Well, we gave him the opportunity.'”

So, what’s the solution? Scott says he wants to see more powerful NBA players go to bat for Black candidates.

“Our players don’t do a good enough job for advocating for Black coaches and that’s just something that we need to change as well.”

Scott says when he was up for the Lakers head coaching job back in 2014, it was Kobe Bryant who had his back with upper management … and lo and behold, he got hired.