Cardi B Rips Trump Supporters for Dancing to ‘WAP’

Cardi B Rips Trump Supporters for Dancing to ‘WAP’

Cardi B ain’t down to share wet-a** p****y with a group of Trump supporters who were dancing to her hit … and she’s calling them out for what she sees as a reckless boat party.

The rapper just threw a ton of shade at this young group of MAGA bros and gals for posting a video of themselves dancing to “WAP” on boats decked out with Trump 2020 flags and hats.

Cardi’s also taking thinly-veiled shots at conservative talk show host Ben Shapiro … wondering why some Trumpers are jamming to her super sexual song when Shapiro took issue with her suggestive lyrics — as only he could.

CB says the Trump boater video “makes my ass itchy” … and says she’s calling the feds, because the folks in the video are ignoring coronavirus safety precautions. You’ll notice a lack of masks and disregard for social distancing, and Cardi says they should be quarantining. We’re pretty sure she’s joking about the feds, but you get her point.

Guess Cardi B does not subscribe to Michael Jordan‘s famous argument for staying out of politics — Republicans listen to music too.