College Bar Packed With Students Fleeing Strict Coronavirus Guidelines

College Bar Packed With Students Fleeing Strict Coronavirus Guidelines

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This does not look good.

Hundreds of college students crammed into a tiny sports bar near the campus of the University of South Carolina, and it was apparently the place to be because of looser COVID-19 safety guidelines.

TLC Sports Bar, just outside Columbia city limits, was wall-to-wall with revelers Thursday night, and as you can see … there was nary a mask in sight and no regard for social distancing.

It’s the proverbial packed-in-like-sardines scenario, where folks are drinking, talking, laughing and maybe the occasional cough or sneeze. None of this is good in terms of spreading the virus.

Richland County, where the campus is located, is reporting 455 cases per 100,000 tests.

The adults in the room finally put a stop to the potential super spreading event … cops arrived and shut down the bar, forcing hundreds of students to leave the venue.

The bar is a short walk away from Williams-Brice Stadium, where the university got state approval for 20,000 fans at Gamecocks football home games in a coronavirus-shortened season. The stadium has a listed seating capacity of 80,250.

Maybe the students and bar should take a cue from the football situation. Full capacity is not a good thing these days.

UofSC says it’s “disappointed” with Thursday’s bar scene … urging students to wear face coverings, social distance and avoid large in-person gatherings. In other words, the opposite of what you see in the video.