Cop Shoved Raptors President Masai Ujiri Twice During NBA Finals, Video Shows

Cop Shoved Raptors President Masai Ujiri Twice During NBA Finals, Video Shows

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Here it is … video proof Toronto Raptors president Masai Ujiri was SHOVED FIRST in an altercation with a sheriff’s deputy during the 2019 NBA Finals.

It’s shocking footage considering the claims made by the deputy which painted Ujiri as the main aggressor in an incident that left him with multiple injuries.

Remember, a spokesperson for the Alameda County Sheriff’s Dept. initially claimed they would pursue CRIMINAL CHARGES against Ujiri for allegedly striking the deputy in the moments after the Raptors won the title over the Golden State Warriors at Oracle Arena in Oakland.

Ujiri had denied wrongdoing — but the deputy was adamant the NBA honcho committed misdemeanor battery on a law enforcement officer.

Now, new bodycam footage shows exactly how things went down — and it seems obvious the cop overreacted in a dangerous way.

The footage shows Ujiri trying to pull out his credentials in a peaceful, nonthreatening way but the deputy freaked out and put his hands on Masai!!!

You can hear the deputy, Alan Strickland, tell Ujiri to “back the f*ck up” while shoving him in the chest.

Strickland pushed Ujiri again — this time with two hands and using very aggressive force.

Ujiri replies, “Why did you push me? I’m the president of the Raptors.”

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That’s when Ujiri responds by shoving back at the officer, but at that point … what else is he supposed to do? He felt he was being attacked!?!

And, don’t forget this part … Strickland filed a federal lawsuit against Ujiri, the Raptors and the NBA back in February claiming he suffered serious injuries to his teeth, head, jaw and chin.

And, don’t forget, officials initially said deputy claimed the altercation started because Ujiri didn’t have the proper credentials — but the video blows that whole argument out of the water.

Ujiri’s attorneys told KTVU the video proves Deputy Alan Strickland was “undeniably the initial aggressor.”

Good luck arguing against that after watching the video.