Crazy 50-Foot Wave at Mavericks and Surfer Peter Mel Owns it

Crazy 50-Foot Wave at Mavericks and Surfer Peter Mel Owns it

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Huge. Scary. Terrifying. Take your pick … they all apply for the wave you’re about to see — and yet, surfer Peter Mel totally owned this insane wall of water!!!

Surfers flocked this week to Mavericks — the big wave mecca in Northern California — for what many of them called the best conditions in years, and this footage backs that up.

No jet ski tow-in for Peter, who fearlessly (we think) paddled in and bombed down a wave witnesses estimated to be at around 50 feet high. You gotta watch how it unfolded — to an amateur’s eye it didn’t look good for him halfway through, and “not good” at Mavericks can mean broken bones or worse.

Dude’s got a brass pair though, because he positioned himself perfectly for the “ride of the day” … according to other surfers who watched in amazement.

Peter, an OG at Mavericks, tells TMZ Sports it was the “best feeling” wave he’s ever caught in his 29 years surfing there. He says he knew it was something special when he heard cheers from family, friends and fellow surfers.

Let’s be honest … just surviving a wave like that makes it plenty special.

Veteran photog Bo Bridges had a front-row seat for Peter’s epic ride, capturing it from start to finish, and check out his office for the day. Watching from a dingy like that looks only slightly safer than surfing the waves.

Nothing wrong with being a spectator sometimes!


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