Daniel Prude’s Arrest Video Shows Apparent Suffocation, Cops Under Fire

Daniel Prude’s Arrest Video Shows Apparent Suffocation, Cops Under Fire

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Rochester PD

Graphic new video shows Daniel Prude — a 41-year-old Black man — having a hood placed over his head by police, who then press his face into the ground for 2 minutes until he stops breathing … leading to his death days later.

The disturbing incident happened back on March 23 in Rochester, NY when Prude’s brother called for help because Daniel was acting erratically and went out into the cold night with no clothes. This police body cam footage was just released.

Cops arrived to find him in the nude, but Prude complied when they told him to sit down and handcuffed him.

The video shows Prude spitting at one point, then yelling and pleading with officers to let him go before they place a “spit hood” over his head. Moments later when he tries to stand up, they wrestle him down and hold him face down for more than 2 minutes.

After noticing fluid seeping from his mouth, some of the officers become concerned and realize he’s unconscious. He never woke up again.

Prude was taken to the hospital and placed on life support, but died a week later. The medical examiner ruled his death a homicide, caused by “complications of asphyxia in the setting of physical restraint” as well as “excited delirium” and PCP intoxication.

Daniel’s family released the footage Wednesday, claiming it shows the excessive police force used during the incident. Prude’s brother said … “I placed a phone call for my brother to get help. Not for my brother to get lynched.”

Protests are erupting in upstate NY over his killing, which looks tragically similar to what happened to George Floyd 2 months later … sparking the worldwide Black Lives Matter movement.

The 4 cops involved in Prude’s arrest are still on the force. New York’s Attorney General Letitia James said she is investigating the incident.