Have the Bulls left the gate early?

Have the Bulls left the gate early?

The excitement around the start of their inaugural season has turned to outrage among the Macarthur FC active fan group, the Bullpen.

After first being slugged with a $440 membership price tag to be sitting behind the goals, the Bullpen have now been moved to a corner bay of Campbelltown Stadium, a section that was initially set aside for general admission.

This along with the delay in getting membership packages and the failure of the club to do any successful marketing has led many fans to question whether the club is ready for their debut.

The Bulls have enough challenges already with COVID-19 but alienating fans is not a great way to start life.

It is unknown how many members the club has but word is that there are not as many as they hoped. The Bullpen themselves appear to have no more than 50, an embarrassing number.

Macarthur FC

Such a number would be embarrassing for a club that sold itself as a club that will attract a large population of football fans.

The Wanderers have failed to capture the South Western Sydney market and Macarthur were primed to take it.

But a series of bizarre moves has meant the Bulls have left many fans asking questions.

The move of their training complex to Fairfield was done quietly but raised eyebrows.

Many of the promises the club made have failed to come to fruition, including engaging with the community.

In Campbelltown and Liverpool, the core area for the club to tap into, there is hardly any mention of the Bulls and no one knows who the club is or what they represent.

Many local community clubs have quietly been disappointed about the lack of community engagement, a major criticism faced by Sydney FC and indeed the Wanderers.

It would have seemed like a smart move by the Bulls to delay their start by one year as they try and navigate through the rough waters that football finds itself in.

The club has also not made much noise about a youth team or a women’s team.

While COVID-19 is a good reason for all the troubles faced by the club, there is every reason to believe the Bulls have left the gate early.