Joe Biden’s Pivot to Delaware DNC Saves Millions in Security Costs

Joe Biden’s Pivot to Delaware DNC Saves Millions in Security Costs

The Democratic National Convention deciding to go fully virtual this year is saving everyone millions of dollars … TMZ has learned.

According to federal docs we obtained, the total cost of protecting everyone involved in the week-long DNC events will run around $1.5 million — which also includes putting bodies on the ground at Joe‘s house in Wilmington, DE … where he’ll deliver his acceptance speech.

While a million-bucks plus is nothing to sneeze at — it’s a helluva lot cheaper than the original plan, which would’ve seen the Service spending way more in security coverage had the convention been held in person in Milwaukee — something they scrapped very recently.

If there were conventions in convention halls, the Secret Service was anticipating security expenses at almost $4 mil for Joe and co., and practically double that for Trump.

Considering this order of $1.5 mil appears to encompass everyone participating in the DNC — it’s likely the government spent little to no extra money accommodating Biden’s change of location. Presumably, he’s already had people stationed — and getting a few extra agents on his detail this week probably isn’t breaking the bank.

All things considered — going digital is saving the Dems (plus, you and us) millions that can and hopefully will be better spent elsewhere … say, for coronavirus relief funds, for example.

Lastly and hilariously, the feds seem to have a big internet bill ahead … various agencies filed for over $27k in IT help desk services for the virtual DNC. For that kind of money, better be no glitches!