Kanye Spent Nearly $6M on Presidential Campaign and There are Trump Ties

Kanye Spent Nearly $6M on Presidential Campaign and There are Trump Ties

Kanye West‘s campaign has spent millions trying to get his name on ballots from a bunch of states — and most of the loot has gone to companies specializing in just that … but which also have tangential ties to President Trump.

Ye’s campaign filed its first financial report Friday with the FEC, and if you tally up his disbursements (what he/his campaign have spent personally) … it comes to just under $6 million. If you go into the raw data, you can see exactly what he’s spent and on what.

Between July and August, Ye and co. spent a little over $4 million on ballot access services — sending hundreds of thousands to a handful of orgs that … well, help someone get on a ballot (and quickly). There are three main LLCs he’s gone to repeatedly, and some are headed up by guys that either used to work for Trump’s campaign … or were trying to.

One of the ballot companies Kanye hired is Fortified Consulting — which, according to the Washington Post, has the same address of a consulting firm called the Lincoln Strategy Group … run by a dude named Nathan Sproul, who worked on DT’s 2016 campaign.

Here’s another … Ye dished out about a mil to a company called Atlas Strategy Group — which is led by another guy named Gregg Keller … who interviewed to be Trump’s campaign manager in 2016. Interestingly, one other BAS company he used was one recently used by Pete Buttigieg … Millennial Strategies based out of NYC. So … not total bad optics, right???

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Cannon’s Class

Fact is, the money trail appears to lend at least some credence to the theory Kanye has allowed his campaign to be infiltrated by GOP operatives … Trump ones, at that.

Of course, he’s denied any Trump ties. Also, his last-minute bid has had about a 50/50 success rate — he’s made it on some, and was booted from others.