Kate Moss’ Model Sister Apologizes for ‘Super-Spreading COVID’ Video Post

Kate Moss’ Model Sister Apologizes for ‘Super-Spreading COVID’ Video Post

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Lottie Moss‘ joke she and her friends are super-spreading COVID-19 — which they illustrated on camera — didn’t score any laughs, and now she’s apologizing.

The model, Kate Moss‘ younger sister, posted an apology Monday, saying she screwed up by partaking in what she thought was care-free goofing with some of her girlfriends in London. Lottie and co. pretended to make out and openly called themselves super-spreaders.

Naturally, that pissed of a lot of people, who called her out for taking the pandemic lightly.

In her mea culpa post, Lottie said … “I just wanted to come on here and say I am so sorry for saying I was a super spreader.” She explains someone on the live feed made the comment and that she repeated it without thinking, but emphasizes she’s not a super-spreader and does not condone anyone spreading a virus as deadly as this one as haphazardly as she did on camera.

She continues, “I was out for dinner with 4 friends 3 of which are in the same household and under the government guidelines – as I live alone – I am allowed a support bubble of 4.”

Lottie goes on to sincerely apologize for the insensitive joke, while mentioning that she sometimes forgets she’s a public figure who’s gotta watch her actions. The 22-year-old model adds, “I am still young and dumb and learning.”

Of course, the issue is real — there have, in fact, been real-life super-spreading people who blatantly disregard health protocols and go out and try to infect people on purpose.