Kylie Jenner Denies ‘Brown Skinned Girl’ Caption, Claims It’s Fake

Kylie Jenner Denies ‘Brown Skinned Girl’ Caption, Claims It’s Fake

Kylie Jenner‘s under fire for allegedly identifying herself as a person of color in a photo caption, but she’s denying ever writing any such thing online.

The beauty mogul is taking major heat for the post that up Sunday, and currently has the caption, “brown eyed girl.” But, some Internet folks are claiming that caption is edited, and originally said, “brown skinned girl.” Huge difference.

Sources close to Kylie insist she never wrote it, plain and simple. We’re told the caption was always “brown eyed girl,” and that the other caption making the rounds online is simply a doctored image circulated by trolls. Her camp is firm — she never changed it at all.

Of course, this wouldn’t be an issue if you weren’t allowed to edit captions on IG — like you can’t on Twitter — but you can, and a lot of people claim they saw the ‘skinned’ line first.

What’s likely making doubters/haters skeptical is the fact Kylie is sometimes accused of cultural appropriation — a lot of the Kardashians are, frankly — and that magnifying glass is on her again … no doubt, because she was featured in Cardi B‘s immensely popular “WAP” music video.

Folks thought the cameo should’ve gone to a Black girl — like Jordyn Woods, for example — and that putting Kylie in was giving her more exposure than she needs or deserves.

That debate’s raging on, but on the “brown” caption issue, Kylie’s peeps say there’s no debate … ’cause it didn’t happen.