L.A. County Cancels Halloween Trick Or Treating Due to COVID

L.A. County Cancels Halloween Trick Or Treating Due to COVID

There ain’t gonna be any tricks or treats for Halloween this year — at least not door-to-door in Los Angeles — because it’s now banned due to coronavirus.

L.A. County health officials made it official, saying trick or treating on the streets is prohibited — and ditto for “trunk or treating” from parked cars too, which is a thing, apparently. Also nixed … house parties and live entertainment attractions (like haunted houses).

So, here’s what’s left for folks to do, legally … online get-togethers, costume contests, pumpkin-carving parties and drive-by events, movie events — all of which should be from a distance and only done with immediate members of your household. So, basically … none of the fun stuff.

It was just a matter of time before this call was made, and not really a shock … considering house parties are still banned in the city. Having a bunch of people flocking together and pounding the pavement for candy wouldn’t fall in line with Mayor Garcetti‘s anti-COVID policies.

That said, it’ll be interesting to see how many folks actually get dressed this year … assuming these new guidelines are followed to a T (ya know they won’t be).

As we reported … Halloween costume sales actually haven’t taken that big of a hit this year ahead of what might be the most celebrated holiday here in the States. We spoke to different costume retailers, and they said that the sales have evened out almost back to normal since the Spring.

Scary times lie ahead, indeed.