L.A. Lakers to Wear Kobe Bryant Tribute Jerseys In NBA Playoffs, Gigi Patch

L.A. Lakers to Wear Kobe Bryant Tribute Jerseys In NBA Playoffs, Gigi Patch

The L.A. Lakers will rock special Kobe Bryant tribute jerseys during their playoff run — which include a patch to honor Gigi Bryant … and Vanessa is a huge fan of it all.

Check out the “Black Mamba” look — uniforms that were actually inspired by and co-designed by Kobe a few years before he passed.

The design is sweet — black uniforms with a snakeskin print … featuring 16 stars on the side to represent the 16 Lakers championships.

The team is set to debut the new threads on Kobe Bryant Day — 8/24 — against the Portland Trail Blazers in Game 4 of their playoff series, according to the NBA’s “Lockervision” website.

The jerseys will also include a special patch on the right shoulder to honor Gigi — featuring her #2 in a white heart.

Vanessa gave a sneak peek at the threads on her Instagram stories Monday and they’re awesome.

We’re guessing the Lakers players are stoked about the look — especially since LeBron James and Anthony Davis previously got Kobe Bryant tattoos to pay tribute to the NBA legend.

As for the date, 8/24 has already been declared Kobe Bryant Day in Orange County, where Kobe and Gigi lived.

The date represents the two jersey numbers Kobe wore during his 20-year run with the Lakers … 8 and 24.

Nike, meanwhile, is giving Kobe his own memorial week starting on 8/23 (Bryant’s birthday) … with reps from the Swoosh saying they’ll honor the Lakers legend all week with special programming and merch.

Kobe and Gianna — along with 7 others — died in a helicopter crash back in January.

Gianna was only 13-years-old. Kobe would have turned 42 this coming Sunday.