LeBron James’ ‘It’s Our Ball’ Bench Clip Goes Viral, He Plays It Up

LeBron James’ ‘It’s Our Ball’ Bench Clip Goes Viral, He Plays It Up

LeBron James could quit the NBA and get hired as a caption editor somewhere — ’cause he knows a funny clip of himself when he sees one, and what to say about it too.

The King played up a viral moment that was captured during Thursday’s game between the Lakers and the Blazers — during which a hyped up LeBron got up from the bench after realizing it was his team’s ball after a play by Damian Lillard. It goes from 0-100 real quick.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Watch … LeBron — at first, not sure if it is in fact the Lakers’ ball — questions whether they get the possession or not. He soon realizes it may, in fact, be their ball and jumps up from his seat on the bench and starts screaming it with certainty, and all the Lakers agree.

It was hilarious to see it live during the game, especially since LBJ was mic’d up and his enthusiasm came through so clearly on TV sets at home. Well, LeBron took notice of the memes and jokes … and did one himself that takes the cake.

He captioned the clip, “How you act when someone take your ball at the park when you with your suburban white friends COMPARED to when you’re with your friends from the hood! 🤣🤣🤣🤣.”

His words got rave reviews … celebs like Quavo, DaBaby, Jamie Foxx and Steph Curry and others approved in the comments with a ton of laughing emojis. Good one, Bron!