LeBron James Will Campaign for Joe Biden and Kamala, ‘We Need Change’

LeBron James Will Campaign for Joe Biden and Kamala, ‘We Need Change’

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LeBron James says he will officially join Team Biden — and will actively campaign for the V.P. and Kamala Harris to defeat Donald Trump in the presidential election.

“We are at a time where we need change,” LeBron said on VICE TV’s “Cari & Jemele: Stick To Sports.”

“In order for change, it’s all about leadership — and leadership starts at the top.”

Remember, LeBron campaigned hard for Hillary Clinton during her 2016 presidential campaign — even joining her on stage for a rally in Ohio.

Now, LeBron says he’ll get his political machine up and cranking again to help Biden/Harris get into the White House this time around.

LeBron’s issues with Donald Trump are well documented — they’ve traded shots for years.

Bron has called Trump everything from a bum to a clown. Trump insulted Bron’s intelligence.

So, when Jemele Hill — who’s also gone after Trump — asked about Bron’s intentions to help out Biden, James said it was an obvious decision.

“I think what’s known don’t need to be said,” Bron explained on the show (premieres Wednesday at 10 PM ET).

Back in 2016, Bron had a ton of support from NBA players — including J.R. Smith who joined him on stage during the Clinton rally.

Wonder if he will tap some of the league’s more influential players this time around to try and give Biden the boost he needs …