Mama Duck Loses Ducklings in Storm Drain, Babies Get Saved!

Mama Duck Loses Ducklings in Storm Drain, Babies Get Saved!

Now, this is one lucky duck — a Mama waterfowl unwittingly taught her brood the perils of a storm drain … only to be reunited after a human stepped in to help.

This seems to have gone down somewhere in Eastern Europe — possibly Russia — where someone was filming a mother duck walking around an unoccupied road with several of her ducklings in tow, only to have one slip through the cracks of a drain they waddled past.

When she realizes she’s lost one of her own brood, she circles back to find them … but unknowingly walks right past the same drain that sucked down her baby. As a result, many of the others fall through as well, as they follow their mom’s lead — until only one is left.

The mama duck turns around, and then the final duckling falls through as well. You can see her start to panic as she tries to figure out where they’ve gone … and how to get them back.

To follow mom. Part 2 of the mother duck and ducklings video. People were concerned. But they were saved. from r/therewasanattempt

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending — ’cause everyone thought Mama had lost her kids for good. Not the case! A good Samaritan actually went down there and scooped the ducklings out, bringing them back up above ground one group at a time.

They instantly recognized their mom and scurried over to her, and they all started parading around in joy (that’s how we see it in our minds anyway). Quack, quack … you’re welcome!