Man’s Penis Bitten by 4-Foot Snake While Sitting on Toilet

Man’s Penis Bitten by 4-Foot Snake While Sitting on Toilet

An 18-year-old man in Thailand is going to think long and hard the next time he needs to sit on the can … after a 4-foot long snake chomped onto his penis!!!

Siraphop Masukarat went through the ordeal Tuesday night in a town outside Bangkok, Thailand … moments after he sat down on the toilet. He says he suddenly felt tremendous pain as the non-venomous python took a bite of his python.

Not shockingly, Siraphop jumped up and ran for his life with his pants around his ankles — and luckily, the snake let go, but it left a seriously bloody mess.

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The young man said as soon as the snake let go, blood sprayed everywhere. His mom tried to calm him until paramedics arrived, and took him to a hospital. He needed 3 stitches on the tip of his … dear God … you get the picture.

Back at the house, animal handlers were called in to retrieve the snake, which was still in the toilet. It was captured and released … sorta like poor Siraphop.

So, remember … don’t sleep outside to avoid snakes climbing down your throat and always check the toilet bowl to avoid this poor Thai man’s fate. Unless you’re the “Snakes on a Plane” guy and throw all caution to the wind.