Monolith in the Utah Desert Removed by 4 Men, Not Aliens

Monolith in the Utah Desert Removed by 4 Men, Not Aliens

The disappearance of this monolith won’t appear in “Unsolved Mysteries” … ’cause a hawk-eyed photographer solved the case after catching 4 Earth dwellers in the act.

You’ll recall this monolith appeared in the Utah desert back on November 18 and it was mysteriously removed a mere 10 days later. Well, photographer Ross Bernards has the receipts to prove 4 men showed up on the same evening he had been there with his boys to pay the monolith a visit.

Ross says a group of 4 men arrived after his group and, as if on a mission, toppled over the monolith and dismantled it … in less than 10 minutes!!! No tools required, apparently.

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Ross says he had been sitting there taking a break when the group came up out of nowhere and told them, “You better have got your pictures” … as if the group was there specifically to remove the shiny structure that captivated the entire globe.

The photog added, “They quickly broke it apart and as they were carrying it to the wheelbarrow that they had brought, one of them looked back at us all and said ‘Leave no trace.'”

Ross says he didn’t stop the group from taking down the monolith, explaining … “they were right to take it out” because the next day it drew massive crowds roughing up a delicate desert.

No word if these same men are on their way to Romania.