NASA Astronauts Get Holiday Resupply Sent to ISS, Fresh Fruit & Grub

NASA Astronauts Get Holiday Resupply Sent to ISS, Fresh Fruit & Grub

NASA sent a massive goody bag of supplies and treats up into space this week to help their astronauts out for the holidays — and we found out what they’re noshing on!!!

A rep for NASA tells TMZ … part of the resupply load, aboard a SpaceX capsule, that docked at the International Space Station Monday were thousands of pounds of cargo for scientific research — and also some fresh grub.

We’re told among some of the fresh food items — which is a rare treat in space, since most everything is either freeze-dried or thermostabilized — was a bunch of fruit. Sounds basic, but in space … even a first bite at the apple is something to savor for these expeditions.

Some of that produce included Gala apples, navel and blood oranges, mandarin oranges, and … lemons!!! Hey, when life gives ’em to you, gotta make the most of it right???

We’re told there were also some holiday-themed hot foods sent up as well — which are all probably arriving in some type of airtight packaging, a la Tang.

Among that lot, NASA says it shipped stuff like cherry blueberry cobbler, cornbread dressing, cranapple dessert, jellied cranberry sauce, macaroni & cheese, potatoes au gratin, roasted turkey, shortbread cookies, southwestern corn, sparkle gel, spicy green beans, french vanilla cappuccino and wheat flatbread. Mmmm — space munchies 😁.

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BTW, these are the same astronauts that were shot up into the sky a few short weeks ago in another SpaceX Dragon capsule. So, they’re probably due to a fresh shot of fuel.

As for any gifts … NASA’s mum, saying they don’t wanna get ahead of Claus. Fair enough — hopefully it’s something like PS5 … something most earthlings can’t even get their hands on.