New York Attorney General Convening Grand Jury in Daniel Prude Case

New York Attorney General Convening Grand Jury in Daniel Prude Case

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New York’s top prosecutor is taking the Daniel Prude case out of the local jurisdiction’s hands and putting the decision of whether to bring charges squarely with the people.

Attorney General Letitia James says she’ll be convening a grand jury soon to review the case and see if any crime had been committed by the Rochester police officers … who put a spit sack over Prude’s head earlier this year, which ultimately lead to his death.

As we reported … Prude’s brother called 911 for help after Daniel was acting erratically. He was intercepted in the snowy streets, completely naked. While complying with officers’ demands at first, Prude eventually tried standing up … and was pinned to the ground.

With a knee to his back and a hood over his head, Prude eventually lost consciousness. He was placed on life support and died 7 days later. His death was ruled a homicide by complications of asphyxia while being restrained, plus other contributing factors.

Empaneling a grand jury essentially takes the power to charge anyone out of a prosecutor’s purview and puts it with grand jurors, who’ll take a look and be presented an argument one way or another by the lead investigative office — in this case, the New York Attorney General.

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Safe to say, if the AG is making this move … it’s because she wants impartial people to judge what happened and then determine if charges should be filed. So far, seven of the cops have been suspended with pay, but no charges have been filed.

Rochester’s mayor, Lovely Warren, decried Prude’s death this past week … claiming ignorance over the true nature of his detainment. Not everyone is satisfied with that explanation, especially since Prude died 6 months ago.

After body cam footage was released fully depicting Prude’s encounter, protests erupted once again in the Big Apple. Clearly, they’re now trying to move quickly on this.