Neymar & PSG Storm Off Field After Alleged Racial Comment from Game Official

Neymar & PSG Storm Off Field After Alleged Racial Comment from Game Official

Neymar and his Paris Saint-Germain teammates all walked off the pitch during a Champions League game Tuesday — protesting racial language a ref used about a Black coach.

Here’s the deal … PSG was taking on the Turkish team Basaksehir at a match in Paris when the head ref went to hand out a red card over an incident during the game.

The head ref asked the other officials who should get the red card — and the 4th official, Sebastian Coltescu, allegedly replied, “The Black guy.”

He was referring to Basaksehir asst. coach Pierre Webo — a Black man from Cameroon.

One of the star players on the Basaksehir team — named Ba — could be heard arguing with the official about the comment … saying, “When you mention a white guy, you never say ‘This white guy’, you just say ‘this guy.’ So, why when you mention a Black guy do you say ‘This Black guy?’”

Players and staff from both teams were so upset at the alleged comment — they ALL walked off the pitch and refused to come out.

But now, UEFA (The Union of European Football Associations) announced the 4th official will be removed from the match and replaced … and the game will continue.

“Following an alleged incident involving the 4th official, the match was temporarily suspended,” UEFA said in a statement.

“After consultation with both teams, it was agreed that the match would restart with a different 4th official.”

UEFA says it will launch an investigation immediately.

Racism is a huge issue in international soccer — and has been for years. Top teams and players across the globe have vowed to protest games over racist language and gestures and clearly, they’re showing it’s not just tough talk.