Pfizer Applies for Trademark for New Catchphrase in Marketing COVID Vaccine

Pfizer Applies for Trademark for New Catchphrase in Marketing COVID Vaccine

Pfizer is in inevitable competition with the other drug companies that are developing COVID vaccines, and it’s apparently trying to get a jump on its competitors with a new catchphrase.

The pharmaceutical giant filed docs this week to lock up the rights to the phrase, “Science will make the breakthrough.” The phrase will be used in several initiatives, including marketing vaccines.

As we get closer to mass inoculation, the drug companies that are able to market COVID vaccines will have to make the case … they should be the first choice, and good marketing becomes essential.

And remember, this is not a one-time deal. Everyone will have to periodically get re-inoculated … ultimately it will go direct to consumer, so marketing will be essential.

While a rep for the company wouldn’t say exactly what the campaign would look like, they did tell us, “We plan to use the phrase in our corporate campaign as a continuation of our ‘Science Will Win’ digital ads.”

As you know … it was almost exactly a month ago when Pfizer gave the world a figurative booster shot by announcing it had developed a coronavirus vaccine that was more than 90 percent effective.

That number went up even higher — closer to 95 percent — after a phase 3 study concluded, and the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine has already begun to be administered to at-risk folks in England.

Pfizer’s mission statement says its purpose is to “deliver breakthroughs that change patients’ lives” … so they must be feeling themselves right now.

That, or it’s just time for a fresh catchphrase.