Pfizer Begins Shipping COVID Vaccines by FedEx and UPS

Pfizer Begins Shipping COVID Vaccines by FedEx and UPS

These images could foretell the end of the pandemic — trucks have never looked so awesome!!!

FedEx and UPS trucks rolled out of Pfizer’s Kalamazoo, Michigan parking lot, carrying massive amounts of vaccine doses.

Fact is … FedEx and UPS are competitors, but they’ve put all that on ice … speaking of which, the vaccine vials are being kept in sub-freezing temps to maintain their efficacy.

The trucks will be headed to 145 sites that will receive their shipments between Monday and Wednesday. If you’ve got Xmas presents you’re sending by FedEx or UPS … they are behind all the vaccines in priority … and thank God for that.

The precious cargo is being guarded by U.S. Marshals, just in case.

There aren’t nearly enough vaccines yet to inoculate all Americans … that will happen sometime in the spring. Problem is, to achieve herd immunity, 70% of Americans must get the shot, but it looks like around 40% aren’t going to do it … at least that’s their current thinking — because of safety issues and mistrust — and both issues are real and have to be addressed.

Fingers crossed.