President Trump Autographed Bible for Sale

President Trump Autographed Bible for Sale

Here’s a shocker for 54 percent of the country … President Trump opened a Bible (that’s not the shocker), signed his name in it, and now the good book could now be worth nearly $40k. There it is.

Yes, as Trump would almost certainly put it, you can now buy your “favorite President’s” favorite book … which our sources tell us he autographed during a very turbulent week in the nation, and particularly in Washington, D.C.

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We’re told he signed it at the White House during the first week of June, just a couple of days after he’d ordered federal law enforcement to fire pepper spray and rubber bullets at peaceful George Floyd protesters … just to clear a path for him to St. John’s Episcopal Church.

You’ll recall he posed there for a now-infamous photo op with a Bible … although that’s not the one he signed.

The autographed Bible is going up for sale through the memorabilia company, Moments In Time — and they’re hawking this slice of Trump history for a cool $37,500.

Just the way God intended.

We kid, but Trump’s critics might be expecting a lightning strike, because although he’s often declared the Bible is his favorite book — he’s declined to name a favorite chapter or verse … or even weigh in on the Old vs. New Testament debate.

Presidents have a long history of signing Bibles, but the practice has historically been done when presenting it as a gift with a spiritual message written inside.

Then again, Trump is far from your typical Prez.