Stipe Miocic Beats Daniel Cormier After Brutal Eye Poke in UFC 252

Stipe Miocic Beats Daniel Cormier After Brutal Eye Poke in UFC 252

UFC honcho Dana White has anointed Stipe Miocic the greatest MMA heavyweight of all time after scoring a victory over Daniel Cormier Saturday night, but it was a real shot in the eye.

Daniel was rendered blind in one eye — hopefully just temporarily — after Stipe poked him in the eye in the third round of their UFC 252 rematch. Stipe won by decision, making him a 2-1 victor in their trilogy of fights.

The referee didn’t see the poke, but it was squarely caught on camera, and it’s pretty gruesome. You see Stipe’s finger go right in DC’s left eye.

As for the injury … it’s reportedly a tear in his eye, although the extent of the injury has not been disclosed.

DC made it clear after the fight, he couldn’t see anything out of his left eye.

Stipe was ahead in rounds 1 and 2, and the eye poke came in round 3 of the 5-round fight, but Dana White says the decision is legit … “They both got poked in the eye. That eye was hurt before the poke. We got a big group text that goes out and I was like ‘There’s something wrong with Cormier’s eye.’ And then he got poked after that. That didn’t help. But they both got poked. You can’t use that as an excuse.”

DC was upset after the fight when he talked to Joe Rogan, but he was resigned to the loss, saying, “It is what it is.”