Trump Supporter Knocked Out by BLM Protester in Massachusetts

Trump Supporter Knocked Out by BLM Protester in Massachusetts

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More clashing between apparent Trump supporters and Black Lives Matter protesters — and, per usual, more of the former being left on their asses after taking a whooping.

This fistfight went down Friday at a demonstration in Pittsfield, MA — where BLM protesters were facing off with what appear to be Trump supporters … which led to these two fellas going at it. You see the one dude in red — who seems to have stumbled out of the Trump crowd — start to square up with the younger guy in a BLM-emblazoned shirt.

They throw a few punches, which mostly miss at first, but eventually … the more spry of the two lands a hit that takes the Trump-er down, and hard. He hits the pavement and lays motionless on the ground as the other guy walks away. Looks like a clean knockout.

Pittsfield PD tells us they’re investigating this further, adding an off-duty cop who was nearby arrived on the scene quickly. The man who took the punch was more or less okay.

We’re told he was taken to a hospital with minor injures — per reports, he was supposedly alert and conscious at the time. The police haven’t yet made any arrests.

We’ve been seeing these scuffles all over the country lately, and it looks like they ain’t slowing down anytime soon.