Underground Sex Parties Springing Up Due to COVID, Deep Secret Network

Underground Sex Parties Springing Up Due to COVID, Deep Secret Network

The pandemic hasn’t stopped people from getting their freak on at possible COVID super-spreader events — they’ve simply gone underground, and they’re going to extremes to keep it hidden.

A source with direct knowledge tells us the events have been happening since the start of COVID, but the recent surge in cases has made them more hush-hush. There’s a vetting process, but more for secrecy than public health issues.

For starters, we’re told anyone looking to access these speakeasy-esque events will first have to get in touch with a real sex worker.

Alice Little, a popular prostitute in Nevada, tells us sex workers — who advertise on social media and escort sites — serve as gatekeepers, giving only their most trusted clients the hookup to a party.

Alice says the sex worker might ask for references — not unlike a job interview — but we’re told the grilling is more to sniff out narcs and undercover agents … and not about health issues.

While you’d think there would be testing — for COVID and STIs — we’re told that’s not the concern for these underground parties … they’re more worried about getting busted by law enforcement.

This is a big change, and a dangerous one considering we’re in a pandemic. Alice says pre-COVID these events would typically be run by brothels … which were more likely to require medical testing.

Anyway, if you pass muster, we’re told the sex worker takes you to the so-called kingdom — which could be at a strip club, a private residence or even a literal underground hideaway.

As we reported, a swingers party in NYC was busted and more recently … 158 people were arrested in L.A. County. So, these events are clearly on law enforcement’s radar, and for good reason.

Party-goers risk arrest, but now the other major concern is the threat to public health and spreading COVID.

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