UNG Students Flood the Streets & Party Before School Starts

UNG Students Flood the Streets & Party Before School Starts

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Another school year is ramping up — and while some institutions are holding off on in-person classes, others are letting their students come back … including UNG, which is already proving to be a COVID nightmare even before Day 1.

The first day of classes at the University of North Georgia begins on Monday, when students return to campus. Of course, that means a crap ton of 18-to-20-somethings flocked into town over the weekend and did what college kids do … pack in tight and party the night away.

Check out this video of what must be dozens, if not hundreds, of students flooding the street of what appears to be an off-campus housing neighborhood. There’s massive crowds for as far as the eye can see, and of course … no one’s distanced and no one’s wearing masks.

It also doesn’t look like there’s a cop or campus security guard in sight — then again, if it is off-campus housing … it’s probably a college student-driven area, so maybe nobody minds.

What we imagine people — especially the faculty — will care about in a couple weeks here when symptoms can set in … is how much of the student body start getting sick, and what this rager might have to do with it right out the gate. At this rate, things could get ugly fast.

UNG has said they’re committed to providing a safe environment for students this fall semester, with new guidelines and precautions in place. That’s all fine and good while folks are on campus, but when the kids leave … who can realistically control what they do?

It’s a tough question, and one lots of other schools that decide to reopen will have to grapple with as the school year starts once more. Maybe, online learning ain’t that bad an idea 🤷🏽‍♂️